At Magnocampo, we plant with our heart, honoring the hard
work of the hands that grow, care for, and harvest.

At Magnocampo, we plant with our heart, honoring the hard work of the hands that grow, care for, and harvest.

Documentary inspired by our jimadores


We prepare the fields with the hard-working hands of our laborers, making sure that the soil is already tilled and in optimal conditions to plant the Agave, which we will take care of for years to come.

As a first phase, we nurture our Blue Agave with 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Care of our fields

Day by day, we take care of our Agave plants, making sure that they grow in optimal conditions.

Harvest (jima)

When the Blue Agave is fully mature, it is time for our harvesters (jimadores) to dedicate their day to removing the Agave leaves and get to the heart of the Agave (piña).

Our team behind every Agave plan

Science PhD
Master’s Degree
Specialty Degree
Bachelor’s Degree
Associate Degree
Laborers and harvesters

Care and innovation in our Blue Agave fields.

We take detailed care of each one of our Blue Agave fields, so that each one of our plants takes maximum advantage of the nutrients in the soil, which is cared for by the entire field team in a sustainable manner.

We monitor the development of our Blue Agave fields with the help of drones and technological innovations to guarantee effectiveness and inventory control.

Through the information gathered by the drone and other technological platforms, we are able to obtain real-time data on our Blue Agave plantations, which allows us to provide the best care and guarantee the development of our fields.

We analyze different environmental factors in each of our Blue Agave fields, allowing us to continuously improve the development of our plants.

Field equipment

Our Commitment

Learn about our actions that contribute to the development and welfare of our community and environment.


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USDA Organic

Annually our solutions are certified according to the US National Organic Program (NOP) 7 CFR Part 2015, which endorses that our products are organically produced from organic materials and labeled according to the 205.303 section of the same regulations.

Country: United Stated

Certification house: Kiwa BCS Öko Garantie

Canadian Organic

To be aligned with Canadian Organic Standards (COS), on an annual basis, our solutions go through a certification process that guarantees the integrity of our organic products from the field to the table. By being certified, we comply with the principles and standards of the organic production system described by this regulation.

Country: Canada

Certification house: Kiwa BCS Öko Garantie

Orgánico México

The solutions we produce comply with the regulations contained in the Organic Products Law established by SENASICA. Complying with the organic certification verifies that our activities follow the guidelines for organic production.

Country: Mexico

Certifier: Kiwa BCS Öko Garantie

Organic Europe

This organic certification allows our solutions to be commercialized within the European Union, following the guidelines set out in the EU 834/2007 standard. This regulation integrates a general agricultural management system and organic food production that combines best practices to obtain products from natural substances and processes.

Country: Europe

Certification house: Kiwa BCS Öko Garantie


With Naturland certification (accredited by ISO/IEL 17065), we ensure that our organic farming involves combining tradition with modern practices, adopting new approaches, and ensuring global food safety through our solutions. As a certified company, we have set our sights on future generations, making sustainable management.

Country: Germany

Certification house: IMOcert

Japanese Agricultural Standard

Validates that the solutions we offer are under the Japanese Agricultural Standard of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF). The production of our solutions is based on organic ingredients, respects natural life cycles, and minimizes human impact on the environment.

Country: Japan

Certification house: Kiwa BCS Öko Garantie

MAFRA Korea Organic

According to the Korean Ecological Certification System (KOC), our solutions are certified, which guarantees that our solutions come from organic agriculture, whose fundamental principle is producing healthy food in balanced and fertile soil.

Country: Korea

Certification house: Kiwa BCS Öko Garantie



The ARA certification guarantees that none of our crops incur in deforestation and that they are environmentally responsible.


FairTSA certification ensures that our solutions meet the fair-trade standards; thus, we promote the improvement of our communities and ensure the sustainable development of our planet.

Certification house: Kiwa BCS Öko Garantie